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PUFFYPOURI [Closed Species]

Thu Dec 17, 2015, 8:44 AM


Details of my closed species

What Is It?          Background
Feature                 Category
Ability                    Functions
Trivia                     Extras

What is it?

Puffypouri is a special type from the family of sprite and fairies that hybrid with the kemonomimi species. It has the ability similar to any common sprite only without wings while possessing animal like feature.


Puffypouri is derived from two words that are 'puffy' which means soft and 'pouri' which is taken from potpourri.

Its original root is the family of sprite, pixie and fairies. The species marry the kemonomimi species and produce a hybrid sprite.


Normal size = 5 - 6 inches
Irregular size = 3 inches (this kind of puffypouri is underdeveloped due to the uncertainties of the climate/seasons.)
The size DOESN'T influence the normal ability of the species.
Big Ear = Keen hearing and high sensory ability
The size of the tail is twice its whole body for safety and defense. It is one of its trademark as a kemonomimi sprite species.
Pouri is the significant trademark and will always appear around them. Pouri is used for sweet essence and cleanliness. It ensures the puffypouri to stay clean. The shapes and colors for pouri change according the type and element of the puffypouri.


There are two types of Puffypouri:

COMMON ( four season; spring, summer, fall, winter) Puffypouri normally born during the four seasons. They function the best during their own birth season.

SPRINGborn in any of the flowers that blooms in the first month of spring. They have the flora element and has the sweetest smell of all. They are the type that is kind, cheerful and very diligent.

SUMMERborn from the heat of the sun where they provide the light and energy source. they are quite furious and short tempered but hardworking at work. They also very active and likes to play prank.

FALLborn from the fallen dried leaves of fall. They have the element of wind. They are the cutest, fastest and lightest among the other seasonal puffypouri. They like to sleep more than work but they are helpful when needed.

WINTERborn from the snowflakes. They are the slowest among others. Most of puffypouri from this season have cold eyes feature and rarely show emotion. They are always serious in working. Yet, they are the best help during cold season as they can warm you up easily with their pouri.

RARE( abnormal climate; rain, hurricane, lightning storm, tornado, rainbow)
ABNORMAL CLIMATE: born from abnormal climate like rains, hurricane, lightning and tornado. They only born when needed during this abnormality circumstances. Their ability surpass the common type as they need to help human only when the circumstances happen.

RAINBOW A human should acquire the most luck he/she needs to encounter a rainbow puffypouri.


Any type of magic ability similar to sprite, pixies and fairies
Super strength - able to lift heavy things as easy as a human.
High jump - 5 times its height
Fast - similar to human speed for beginner and super speed when reaching expert
Roll - they will use their tail to roll into a hairball normally to play with its master or as a defense from danger
Camouflage - a type of defensive ability from human pet or malicious intent

Sleep, Normal, Defensive Mode



Mainly do house chores
Able to assist human in any work available (at work, at school, etc.)
Great in being human's emotion lifter


Love star candies as reward
Love to eat sweet things
Sleep in between 4 hours of work
Always stay clean ( bath is not needed due to pouri element)
Able to be carried around in pockets, shoulders and on the head of its master


Any human who needs extra help and believe in fairies mythologies will be able to possess puffypouri.
Puffypouri will disappear or 'die' if you overwork them till they ran out of magic or you simply ignore them for such a long time causes the belief to fade out and gone.

This is the official stigma of PuffyPouri which symblizes the four seasons. It can be found in its tail.


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